Payment Methods and Payment Security

Artelie's website is protected with SSL certificate, which secures data transfer with encryppted connection to 3d party websites - your personal data is protected and can't be impersonated by fraudsters.

  • Payment on Delivery - available only in Bulgaria. This option allows you to pay cash to the courier at order delivery eihter at your adress or at courier's office, depending on shipping method selected.
  • Bank Transfer - you will receive an automatic e-mail with Artelie's Bank Details when you place your order with Bank Transfer payment. We would anticipate payment within 7 days.
    Your order will be shipped once we receive your Bank Transfer, but we could expedite if you send us copy of Bank Order/Slip/Statement. (Services like Transferwise are allowing you to make Bank Transfers at affordable fees.)
  • Paypal - secure method for credit card payment by VISA or MASTERCARD. You can also pay by using credit from your Paypal account. Available only for EUR currency.
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